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Awards & Certifications

Aspiration Wifi Access Project

This is a Certificate of Appreciation given by STC for the Achievements of "WiFi CITC Target of 2019" for Aspiration Project under the management of Mr. Ibrahim AlKharboush.

"IBBS Department Awarded Recognition Certificates to "Model Employees" for their dedication, participation, and cooperation during the year 2019 with the attendance of their management."

"Appreciation was given to BTC as the best & strongest STC Partner in Public WiFi Projects for Outstanding Achievements of 5000 Access points installed and Integrated within 3 Months among 90 Sites".

STC Certificate
STC Gathering Award

Juniper Replacement Project


Appreciation for the exceptional support BTC has provided to complete Phase 2 of Obsolete Juniper Router Replacement Project. Your team’s professionalism and excellent support helped in achieving a smooth and successful completion kingdom-wide despite the logistic challenges faced at some of our offshore sites.


Huawei Utility partner

BTC received the 2019 Utility Partner of the Year award from Huawei, which was granted to BTC during Huawei's 2020 Echo System Summit held online in early April 2020.

Huawei Award

NCB Saudi Aramco IPO

Saudi Aramco

Ministry of Health

ALJazira Bank and HCIS Certificate


National Center for Digital certification

Letter of Appreciation

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