Low Current Services


BTC as a one of the key player systems integrator in the market since more than 40 years implementing a lot of major low current systems projects over the kingdom and internationally as well. Today we are focused to provide end-to-end seamless solutions with latest technology for security integrated solutions all provided in integrated platforms

BTC is Moi-HCIS certified with high experience in deploying high end integrated security solutions for our costumer, Providing full package of low current solutions to be integrated with security solutions that manage in some cases hundred of remotes site equipped with different technologies and solutions

HCIS certifiedv1

Our range of low current solutions

Fire Alarm


BTC provide all fire alarm solutions according to NFPA and has amassing references for Both UL (American) and EN54(European)

Public Address / Voice EVAC

one of the leading Integrators for Public Address solutions providing the latest technologies solutions in the field


#MATV RF , IF distribution 

#IPTV solution with deploying all modules known in the market (VOD, Hospitality services,

Nurse Call

Edge technologies in the market for Nurse call systems: wired, wireless solution designed mainly for requesting nurses for assisting patient

Master Clock

In hospital, airports, universities and government buildings people need for synchronized and exact updated time, we offers all types of Clocks and timers with all types of Sync.

Flight Information Display System

Airport FIDS . It is designed to display timetables, gate or baggage belt information or other travel/tourist information at any location.


BMS systems are “Intelligent” microprocessor-based controller networks installed to monitor and control a buildings technical systems

Queue Management System

A need to manage the flow , this solution is ideal for Banks branches , service providers , hospital ..etc.

SCADA & Automation

BTC implementing large scale of SCADA monitoring system which is used to remotely observe and control industrial processes. It is a type
of Industrial Control System (ICS)

Parking Management System

Entry Ticket Dispenser and exit Dispenser , payment machine
Parking Guidance: for traffic flow , empty-busy places

Success Stories

Madina Development Authority

A Saudi Arabian governmental organization focused on developing the city of Madinah, the second holiest city in the Muslim world, to meet the expectations of its permanent residents and visitors

Imam Mohammed Ibn Saud

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