Physical Security

Integrated Solutions

BTC as a one of the key player systems integrator in the market since more than 40 years , implementing a lot of major security systems projects over the kingdom and internationally as well , we are focused today to provide end to end seamless solutions with latest technology for security integrated solutions all provided in integrated platforms.

BTC is MOI-HCIS certified with high experience in deploying high end integrated security solutions for our customer.
Building for them the security control center that manage in some cases hundreds of remotes site equipped with different security solutions implemented in main control center and redundant dispatch center to insure 100% simultaneous monitor and surveillance for all sites

HCIS certifiedv1

Our Solutions

Integrated Security Platform

BTC has a deep experience to implement unified platform to integrate:
Physical security solutions + fire and safety solutions + Building asset management solutions
In command and control centers with seamless integration and seamless scalabilities

Security Control Center

BTC provides the highest technologies and the best of architecture design all in one-package solutions for the security control centers includes:
Integrated Security Platform ( PISM ) , VMS and analytics
Servers and storage, Video walls, Technical consoles, Network switches, Racks, UPS and more ..

Access Control

BTC technical team has strong experience in enterprise level for access control solutions with amazing references, providing integrated different access modules with wide range of authentication levels for huge database of access users to remote sites all together in a unified platform according to customer needs

Physical Security

BTC portfolio includes approx. all physical security solutions known in the market all as enterprise high-end tech. leading this market with amassing reference in government different sectors and also in Industrial utilities. Walk through gate scanner Luggage X-ray Scanners. Handheld Metal Detector UVSS integrated with LPR Sliding gates Road blockers Bollards Barriers

Intrusion Detection

As a part of integrated security solution BTC provide very strong portfolio for intrusion detection with high end security references in government different sectors and in industrial and utilities sector.

Fencing Intrusion systems: IR detection, PIR scanning, Fiber sensing, Laser scanning. In Building intrusion Systems: PIR detection, Glass Break

Integrated CCTV Solutions

BTC is very experienced in security solutions providing the latest technologies solutions in the CCTV solutions field

BTC is HCIS certified, with high experience for industrial security solution for Mega projects in the field of industrial security

Success Stories

Saudi Electricity Company

Saudi Electricity Company is responsible for generation, transmission and distribution of electric power in Saudi Arabia through 45 power generation plants in the country. The purpose of this project was to provide an Integrated Security system and do centralized Control and monitoring. Our solutions include Physical Security Integrated Management System, Control Rooms, CCTV, Access Control, Data Storage, Network Infrastructure, etc ...
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The Haram Extension

BTC with honor complete various Physical Security integrated solutions projects


Ministry of Interior

Saudi Electricity Company is responsible for generation, transmission and distribution of electric power in Saudi Arabia through 45 power generation plants in the country.