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Wireless Solutions

BTC is one of the leading of mission critical communication systems integrator company, with an extensive experience of deploying private Wireless Networks using the latest solutions such as VSAT, Radio and Microwave for many years.
BTC has implemented many projects thereby giving the client the solution to have its critical applications on premises in a private network to have the ability to establish the connectivity for isolated sites.

Wide communication portfolio


VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is a satellite communications system that serves home or business users. Each end user is interconnected with the hub station via the satellite in a star topology.

For one end user to communicate with another, each transmission has to first go to the hub station which re transmits it via the satellite to the other end user’s VSAT. VSAT handles data, SCADA, voice, and video signals.


We are dedicated to designing and delivering superior P25 solutions that are robust, interoperable, and secure. With a range of both P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2 open standard-based elements, BTC can provide public safety agencies
with complete end-to-end solutions to meet your unique organizational requirements.


DMR is a digital communications platform that delivers commercial and worker safety benefits for mission critical users. With the capability to carry both voice and data, DMR gives you a powerful combination of flexibility, control and resiliency. DMR products adhere to the DMR Association’s open standards, ensuring interoperability with other compliant equipment.


TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is a global standard for digital trunked radio. Secure voice and data transmission and a wide range of features guarantee the adaptability needed to meet the unique requirements of professional
mobile radio users. With this technology we can guarantee the same level of services provided from the regular GSM service provider over your own standalone mission critical communications

Backhaul Microwave

For a long or short distance point-to-point link, a smart point-to-multipoint wireless SCADA network, or a utility- grade LTE modem, or both together, we provide a solution with unbeatable reliability and performance, the smart radios support all analogue and digital interfaces for a wide variety of applications.

Command & Control

Its meet the complex demands of critical communication centers throughout the world. With its combination of advanced telephony capabilities and radio integration.

Delivers a robust, command and control system, whether centralized or distributed, with unparalleled operational efficiency, an extensive feature set, enterprise class server architecture, and end-to-end resiliency, It’s offers the most complete mission critical communications solution.

Success Stories

Saudi Electricity Company

Saudi Electricity Company is responsible for generation, transmission and distribution of electric power in Saudi Arabia through 45 power generation plants in the country. The purpose of this project was to provide an Integrated Security system and do centralized Control and monitoring. Our solutions include Physical Security Integrated Management System, Control Rooms, CCTV, Access Control, Data Storage, Network Infrastructure, etc ...
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General Authority Civil Aviation
Saudi Air navigation Services

Kingdom wide National
Air Navigation Network